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I decided I needed a name song, so I made a list of names and since three of the most important people in my life are named francis/es, I chose this one, because I could picture myself talking to any of them. Of course, Frances likes to think it's about her, but it's not. :-) It's the first song that I felt really proud of.


it's the little things that keep me alive
three years come and gone, well, Francis,
you know i know how to survive
but this act of self-preservation is just another phony lie
but i still try
i still try
i stil try

we don't talk on the phone anymore at night
and you have no idea what's going on in my life
well francis you won't believe what just occurred to me:
forever's not as long as it used to be.

and i want to stuff myself with more food than i can eat
i want to f*ck someone that i just meet
see, since i was a kid, i'm used to feeling more defeated than complete
and i live at this crazy extremes just to feel anything
sometimes i can't feel anything
cuz we don't...


Does he know i read his letters? does he know you said you liked me much better? does he know the words to tori amos' 'leather'?
have you told him how quickly these kinds of things can sever?
and i've been too forgiving, too polite, too unable to sleep at night
i've been so righteous for so long, and life just keeps going on and on
life keeps rolling on and on, life keeps going on and on
though we don't...

talk on the phone anymore at night
and you have no idea who's in my bed to night
and francis, you won't believe what just occurred to me
forever's not as long as they said would be
no, no, forever's just not as long as it used to be

and it's a shame but it's true
sometimes i still love you
but they just don't make forever like they used to.

© lucas j miré/miré-acle music 2005, 1998


from Forever's Not as Long as It Used to Be, released March 12, 2005


all rights reserved



Lucas Miré Atlanta

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