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turning pages in this book
i wouldn't have made it past chapter three
without these scars on me

nearly 40 years it took
funny how I could never see
sinking in could set me free

and despite all the mistakes I’ve made
I'm still OK

and I'm here
yeah, I'm right here
and it's so surreal
‘cause the door's wide open
i'm not going
I'm staying here
not spinning my wheels
I'm feeling what I feel
and this fear is real
I'm still right here

desperate for attention
I used to have my pick of loves
but it was never enough

and if you came too close
that's what would really scare me the most
"why do you want to know?"

and even when i'm a mess
I can love myself

‘cause I'm here
yeah, I'm right here
and it's so surreal
I’m not getting my way
I'm still staying right here
not spinning my wheels
feeling what I feel
and this fear is real
and I'm still right here....

and I'm not going anywhere
and you can count on me
cause there’s no place on earth
I would rather be instead
I'm in tuning in to
really listen and be seen

and now I'm basking in the clarity
of just being me


I’m wide open
and I am right


from Following the Landslide, released April 23, 2013


all rights reserved