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from Never Regret the Nights by Lucas Miré



This is the second movie-related song I've written. (The first, "Widescreen," remains an unfinished outtake from my first CD), and it took about three or four years to complete.

I knew it would be called Matinée, but I could never get the chorus right. But I kept trying, and here were are...


Are you afraid of love
or are you in it?
A vampire in reverse
you never let the night in
It's your movie and, god,
you love acting in it

In two hours, we play out all the scenes
Like some kind of afternoon un-dress rehearsing
The climax, the denouement
and the ambiguous ending

I think I've seen this one before
I think I’ve seen this one before

When reality pulls me down
somehow you know that's just the time to come around
We break the rules, seize the day, you steal my crown,
but I give it away...
and I will be your matinée

A trail of clothes
that leads to an empty room
A trail of lies that leads
to an emptier truth
A trail of tears when they find out
what we've been up to

I think I've seen this one before
I think I’ve seen this one before


And no one wants to play the part of the fool
But no one wants to choose



from Never Regret the Nights, released October 6, 2009
Written by Lucas Miré


all rights reserved



Lucas Miré Atlanta

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