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"[Heyday]’s reflective nature paired with its electronic production is reminiscent of Darren Hayes’ "This Delicate Thing We've Made." - J. Brownell, Project Q

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I'm so excited to share these songs... HEYDAY moves away from the more acoustic-based work I've done the last two albums, but the DNA is still very much "me." It was a thrill for me to step out of my box and push the sound of my music while still being true to myself... I hope you enjoy it! - Lucas


released August 26, 2014

// Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Nate Borofsky.

// All songs written by Lucas J. Miré / Miré-acle Music © 2014

// All vocals by Lucas Miré.
// Whistling on “Once” by Nate.
// Background vocals on “You” by Doris Muramatsu.
// Heys on “Shotgun” by Lucas & Nate.

// Photography by John McNicholas.
// Design by Bo Shell + Lucas Miré.


all rights reserved


It was so promising.
We felt it all, everything.
And, God, man,
how I loved your mouth.

Nothing in between.
All of it, every extreme.
On fire ‘til we burned out.

And you were so tempting,
Then you were so empty.

And I’m surprised how rarely you cross my mind,
and I bet you’d say the same.
Just add me to your list of names.
And I believe you would never give me what I need,
and I know you’ll never change.
That’s why I’m on your list of names.
I know I’m on your list of names.

And your so-called honesty,
It’s like you’re exempt from humanity.
And you say you know yourself:
HA! I’ve heard it all.

Caught up in your back stories
and your almost former glories.
Well, we’ve all got those so
get off the cross.

And, I don’t know why you tempted me,
or why everything went spinning.


Now I’m on your back and I know
how you like that cuz you called me baby.
You called me baby.
Now, you’re on your back.
You’re so good at that,
and you called me,
called me baby.
You slipped and called,
you slipped and called me baby.

Track Name: HOW IT GOES
Gonna walk down this road.
Got no particular place in mind.
But I wonder just how far it goes
‘Til I see the dead end sign?

And If I got lost how would I know?
Out here there's no one to blame at all.
And anyway I forgot my phone.
So take your sweet time deciding to call.

And oh God, I know.
This must be what I, I chose.
And oh God, I love you.
And I guess that's just
how it goes.

I've seen the forest and the leaves
and breadcrumbs I've doubled back to doubt.
But this underbrush is not to be believed:
I’m still circling bones of those who never made it out.


And oh God, I still love you.
And I guess that’s just how it goes.
And I guess that’s just how it goes.
Track Name: SOMEBODY
Somebody's keeping up with who's worth keeping up with.
Somebody's trying to try to find their inner bliss, whatever it is.
Somebody's shooting to shoot for the furthest and brightest star.
Somebody's hoping to hope they can find the strength to make it out the door.

Somebody's giving up on giving to who's given up on them.
Somebody's staying to stay so can they can say they're the one that kept trying.
Somebody's low enough to fall just so they can say they fell.
Somebody's telling the tale that's never really been their tale to tell.

And that somebody's you, but I'm somebody, too.
And if that somebody's me, well it's the me that's you.
it's you, it's you...it's you and me.

Somebody's taking the chance to finally take what's finally theirs.
Somebody's praying to pray again for their own unanswered prayers.
Somebody's loving to love just for the sake of love and being loved.
Somebody's hating to hate what they're just caught up in the habit of.


It’s you and me.
We're somebody, yeah, we’re somebody.
It’s me and you, you and me, me and you, you and me.
We’re somebody.
Track Name: ONCE
Once upon a time I had everything.
All of life laid out before me, and I crowned myself king.
And all the rhymes, they rhymed, and my ducks fell in a line.
That was once upon a time.

Now it’s so… Oh, it’s so
much harder than I thought.
Much harder than I thought.

Once upon a you and me, I dreamed a little dream.
Everyone we loved showed up dressed in their finery.
And you stood up so sure, said “I do, I do, I do.”
That was once upon a me and you.


Once upon an evening star, I made a little wish:
To see the life I've lived, the ups & downs,
each one a little gift.
//Rewarded so by the Earth's next spin,
Got mercy now at the sun setting//
Now I know the end is more close than far.
That’s what I wished for on an evening star.
Track Name: YOU (feat. Doris Muramatsu)
You’re the first word in my favorite book.
You’re the last sip in the cup.
You’re the last breath my mother ever took.
You would never show me up.

And if I’m holding you a little too tight
when everyone says to let go.
It’s only because you’re always right
and I’m the last to know that...

You saved me, you.
Knowing you, well, it changed me.
Just you being you. You.

You’re the candle for my birthday cake.
You are my guitar strings.
You’re the safety that I’ve always craved.
You’re my voice when it sings.

And if I’ve gone too far, gave too much love...
I’m not scared to be seen.
It’s only because when I, I wise up
it’s too late usually, but...

You saved me, you.
Knowing you, well, you changed me.
You being you. You.

You’re every ticket stub that I ever saved.
You’re my meant to be.
You’re the return of everything I ever gave.
You’re complete clarity.

And if we can take things at the speed of us,
well, we’ll be side by side.
Because with you life’s just too sweet to rush
and I’ve never been more alive.

You are the candle for my cake.
You are the safety I have craved.
You are my voice when it sings.
You are the one, my everything.

Track Name: NIGHT
Suspended sighs, my dreams and I
collide on the ceiling tiles.
If I hang on to my wild mind
with closed eyes in the moonlight
then the fear subsides.

And it’s not love, it’s not spite.
It’s not wrong, it’s not mine.
It’s not true, it’s not a lie.
It’s not day and it’s not quite…

It’s the in-between that’s killing me:
the unknown, what will or won’t be.
The haunting, alarm clock misery.
Three a.m., my friend, my eternity.


Now I’ve heard it all.
Like the rain, I fall.
If future stalls, I’m still alive.
And I’m not out of hope that I’ll get it right.
It may be out of reach, but it’s not out of sight.

Track Name: SHOTGUN
I remember what we wore.
I remember what was said.
You were riding shotgun in my car;
I was in over my head.

It was too much, too soon.
Our yellows turned to blues.
Bought and sold was just for rent.

We just let it go, and I still don’t know why.
Though sometimes I want to pick up the phone.
Oh, but now I know, I may never know why.
These sleeping dogs we should just leave alone.
‘Cause we, we couldn't get off the ground,
so I guess I’ll just see you around.

And it seems so silly now:
how your friends caused you to doubt,
how i left you alone at Amy’s party,
and your delayed rage leaked out.

I could see it build in your pretty eyes.
When your hopes and your fears, they collided.
We’re both hearts marked lost, not found.


So I saw you today,
but I don't think you saw me.
Maybe we all have to pay somehow
for who and what we used to be.

If I never know what to believe in,
does that mean we can call it even?
I hope this finally sets me free.

Track Name: HEYDAY
20/20 rearview when everything’s a mess.
100% alright - inside job, this happiness.

One day we’ll see it all happened for the best.
And there’s no day that’s better to say,
“this is my hey hey heyday.”

All angles right.
Translation’s not lost.
All alibis airtight.
I can see the trees for the forest.


I couldn’t let it in
and this might be the last.
I’ve gone and done it again.
How much joy can I stand?
You never were mine;
Plan A at command.
This could fall apart.
Fate masked as chance.

Accurate forecast.
Got birds in the hand.
Only this present moment
was ever built to last.

One day, we’ll see it was all part of the plan.
And there’s no day that’s better to say,
“This is my hey hey heyday, my hey hey hey.
This is my heyday.”

And in 5 years, when I look back,
I know I’ll say,
“This is my hey hey heyday, my hey hey hey.
Today is my hey hey heyday.”
Wake up before you and lie there for a while.
Listen to you breathe and think about my life.
Let’s go walk the dogs ‘round the neighborhood.
We’ve got nothing to do today, it feels so good.

And it’s OK if It’s just another day.
And it’s alright if it’s just another night.
‘Cause I’ve got you and you’ve got me,
and I love times like these.

Go run down the street and get us some wine.
And pick up something to eat, you know just what I like.
Turn off the TV, let’s go hang outside.
Rickie Lee Jones singing as the sun says goodbye
(but it won’t catch us crying).


Crawl back in the sheets with something to read.
Feel your arm on my back and that’s all I need.
That’s all I need.

And it’s OK if it’s just another day gone by.
And it’s alright if it’s just another night closing its eyes
with you by my side.
‘Cause I love times like these.

Times like these.
There’s no need, baby, to go searching
for anything when we’ve got times,
times like these.

Wake up before you and lie there for a while.
Track Name: THE BEST LINES (Big Sur Stars)
Thirty miles of open road:
the middle of nowhere, but here we are.
Now the line snakes down along the coast.
My ‘90s mixtape playing in your car.
And there you are. It’s good to see you.

And maybe it’s about time.
Or maybe it’s about timing.
Maybe everything rearranged is just fine.
And sometimes the best lines don’t rhyme.
The best lines don’t rhyme.

My god, we were only kids
just kicking around the bars.
Twenty years, well, down a cliff they slid.
Now we look back at the rocks and scars.
And there you are. It’s good to see you.


And you told me once it doesn’t count
until you say it out loud.
And I believe you told me once:
it’s not a song until it’s sung.

One day this waiting will be redeemed.
And together we'll know where we belong.
On a blanket under these Big Sur stars,
we'll see the map that was there all along.

My first time, we stayed with a friend of mine.
Airport ride, he drove us in, into the big town.
And all around, we were surrounded
by the fog, and I found it
blocking Cali sunset as you showed me around

And August 29 is a great day in my life.

Remember that night we got drunk on red wine?
And it was my first time out on the West Coast
You were almost ready for me,
and you told me you loved me,
but then we had to go back home.
And I loved you the most
when we were out on the West Coast.

And so we ran around, burned up 10 days on the town.
And nothing seemed to get us down, out on the West Coast.
Oh and biking over the Golden Gate, oh, it was the perfect day
just to be in love and to celebrate.
I think I’ll make one last toast, one last toast...

To August 29, a great day in my life.


Nothing ever was the same.
Nothing ever felt that way again.
You know I would have changed my name,
But plans always seem to rearrange,
and bend.

But don't forget, ‘cause I can't forget...


Hey, I love you, hey, I loved you, I love you
when we were out on the West Coast.
We talk, but we can't hear
above all the posers drinking here,
but you look like you did the last time:
like a winding road with no warning signs.

And you're the one who called me.
You're the one who wanted this mystery.
I was looking for some fun,
now look what we've become

And this is where the strings should come in
to underscore all the things I’m feeling.
Man, it's harder than it sounds:
living in this re-run of a town.

And you're the one who called me.
You're the one who wanted this misery.
I was hoping for some fun,
now look what we've become.

la de da di di
la di da da da
la di da de de de di hey
la la la la la la

So is this where we admit defeat
to the soundtrack of our heartbeats?
I guess I always thought there’d be something sweet
waiting for us underneath.

You're the one who wanted me.
You're the one who started this mystery.
I thought we could have some fun,
now look what we've become.
Now look what we've become.
Now look what we've become.
Now look what we've become.
Now look what we've become.
Now look what we've become.
Now look what we've become.
Now look what we've become.